What’s a radler, you ask? The legend dates back to Germany 1922, when a bar owner -short on his beer supply – had to get a little creative when a large group of thirsty cyclists arrived at his Gasthaus. Looking around at what he had on hand, the German gent served the group beer mixed with soda. It was an instant hit among the riders. This new beer concoction was thenceforth called a “radler,” which is German for cyclist.

We’re bringing the same charm and originality of the German radler to Wisconsin, with a part beer, part fruit soda, all made-in-Wisconsin radler. Our RE: FRESH Radler is a light and juicy, thirst-quenching blend of real grapefruit soda and a classic lager beer. At only 3.2% ABV, RE: FRESH is the perfect companion on days when the sun never seems to quit shining. With every sip, take pride in drinking an all-Wisconsin made radler that will please cyclists and non-cyclists alike. 

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